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Marquee Lighting

Jan 19, 2008 Comments Off on Marquee Lighting

Carefully planned marquee lighting can help create the perfect atmosphere for your party, whether enjoying an elegant afternoon soiree or an evening disco.

UV lighting, up-lighters and chandeliers create an effective ambience as the evening draws in, with fairy lights, glitter balls and essential flood lighting to adapt to the mood and requirements of your event.

Seaholme Marquees offer the following lighting options alongside marquee hire services:

  • Standard Brass Chandeliers, which are on Dimmers.
  • Up lighters Perimeter lighting, white light or coloured gels both work well, if having chandeliers every 20ft and every 10ft if not having chandeliers.
  • UV Lighting good bar areas and entrances or complete colour change for a whole tent which will include Linings, Tables Cloths, China, Cutlery, Chairs and Clothing.
  • Glitter Balls and Spots a marquee not the same without one.
  • Fairy Lights in bushes or Borders which are inside or outside the marquees.
  • Flood lighting for car parks, trees anything you wish to light up.

(Sorry, this service is only available with marquee hire.)

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Henley Masters Regatta

Just wanted to say thanks for your tent services at the Masters. Olly and Dave were great – on time, friendly and engaged. They put up everything quickly and perfectly … It works so well when you have guys that have done this in previous years.