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Lawn Game Ideas For Your Reception That Your Guests Will Love

Weddings Jul 21, 2017 By Seaholme

Keeping your wedding guests entertained is an important part of your big day, particularly if you are hosting the whole day in one venue.

If you have hired a marquee, there is usually the opportunity for outdoor activities so that your guests are not “just waiting around” in between parts of your wedding – and it’s a great way for single guests to meet others.

Lawn games are becoming increasingly popular to feature at weddings. Why? Because everyone can enjoy them; the young ones and the older ones. They can bring everyone together. They act as a great ice breaker, conversation starter and are simply just down-right fun.

Wedding entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be dancing; there are many people that don’t enjoy this, so having another alternative form of amusement for your guests is vital. So many more options are available at

Depending on your theme, we have come up with several ideas for lawn games that will have your guests talking and laughing out loud on your wedding day. They don’t necessarily have to be pricey; there are plenty of DIY options that you can create on a budget.

Coconut Shy

A nostalgic visit down memory lane, coconut shys are a brilliant reminder of your old school fetes and will be popular with everyone. They are pretty simple to create yourself as all you really need are several coconuts, stands and a ball to throw at them. If you’re worried about this not fitting in with your theme, the coconuts can be decorated to fit in with any colour scheme. You can even dress them to look like members of the wedding party by putting mini wigs on them or creating paper outfits, this will certainly go down with a laugh!

Giant Jenga

One of the most common lawn games seen at weddings is giant Jenga, it’s a classic family game and it is one of our favourites! This game will have guests feeling tense, especially because it’s a larger version to tackle! If you wanted to match your colour scheme, the blocks can be painted to your colours, so that the game doesn’t look out of place. It can also be a very easy DIY job if you managed to remember anything from your school woodwork lessons.

Sack Race

Take your guests back to their primary school sports days and set up a sack race! Easy, cheap and outrageously fun, this might actually end up being one of the highlights of your wedding day! Mark out lanes and set up a finish line. You can even turn it into a huge competition with heats, semi- finals and finals. Trust us, you’ll have a blast.


Our fairground favourite, hook a duck is a popular stall game that can play a brilliant part at your wedding. Keep the young ones entertained for hours and turn it into a game where prizes can be won. You don’t need to spend a huge amount on this; simply buy a small paddling pool and few rubber ducks. You can then add hooks to the ducks and attach string to a few sticks and add hooks to these!


Croquet is very popular at wedding receptions these days. It’s so easy to set up and simple enough that you don’t need to outline rules for guests. Get really creative with this and take your guests on a journey. Set up each hoop with a milestone of your relationship for example ‘first date’ and ‘moved in together’. It’s a fun touch to a very traditional game.

Ring or Horseshoe Toss

A fun game to play when you’ve had a few alcoholic beverages as your judgement starts to sway; you can make fun of your friends trying to get a ring over a bottle- of course, a fantastic game for the little ones as well. Turn this game into an interesting discovery by putting little facts about you as a couple into the bottles so if someone manages to get a ring over it, they get to read the fact inside. Remember; keep it ‘PG’ if you have little ones about!

Instead of rings, why not use personalised horseshoes designed with your names and the date of your wedding on. It’ll serve as a beautiful keepsake for you in years to come and you can even use them as presents for guests.


We couldn’t leave this out! Everyone loves limbo and it can bring an entire wedding party together. Simple and easy to setup, all you need is a bit of music or a drum beat and have your guests line up and have a go. All ages can do it, you can even encourage the older generation!

We hope to have given you some brilliant ideas for your own reception!

Remember, sometimes the simplest and oldest games can often be the very best. Even if you use just one of these, it will guarantee to keep your guests entertained for hours (particularly as the drinks go down) and they make for the best memories through pictures.

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